About Risky Finance

Visualise risk. Understand it.

Our goal is to empower financial professionals to make faster, better decisions by visualising risk in companies and markets. We don’t sell ratings, investments or trading services and are completely independent and conflict-free.

Financial analysis involves a combination of fast and slow thinking. Fast – because events and markets move quickly. Slow – because large amounts of data need to be analysed and filtered for meaningful information.

Risky Finance uses data visualisation to bridge the gap between fast and slow thinking. We do the slow work of gathering and filtering data, so you can visualise things in the right way and gain insights quickly.

Our product

We’ve created a browser-based platform that gives you access to exclusive data, visualisation tools and expert analysis.

This includes disclosures by major banks, interactive visualisations of government bond, credit and equity markets and a five-year archive of expert commentary. Our platform is simple to use and is designed to provide insights to risk professionals across markets and institutions.

  • Access a unique database of Basel Pillar 3 filings by major banks dating back to 2012. We’ve compiled risk-weightings and exposures at an unprecedented granular level. See how they fit together in our firmwide visualisations or track their evolution over time to see the impact of changing regulations. Updated quarterly.

  • Access our database of sovereign and corporate bonds provided by Markit iBoxx. Visualise country-by-country debt exposures and market prices at a global level and assess debt sustainability and quantitative easing impact. View  company exposures as components of an index, compare with sector peers or track individual company yield curves. Updated monthly.

  • Access bespoke charts and articles available exclusively to subscribers. Examples include mutual fund bond holdings and default swap hedges, European Banking Authority Stress tests, and UK local authority government and bank borrowing versus political control. New articles published weekly.

Our company

Risky Finance was founded by Nick Dunbar, finance author and award-winning journalist. He got the idea for Risky Finance while working in the core product division of Bloomberg LP where he created a risk newsletter read by tens of thousands of terminal clients.

We provide consulting services in partnership with Vedanta Hedging, an FCA-regulated derivatives and debt advisory firm. In 2019, Vedanta helped the London Borough of Newham structure £150 million of loans, with assistance from the Risky Finance LOBO database.

Learn more

Take a preview of the site and learn how the visualisations work, or download a brochure here. Want to get started? Have a look at our subscription packages.


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