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Visualise risk. Understand it.

Our goal is to empower risk professionals to make faster, better decisions by visualising risk in companies and markets. We don’t sell ratings, investments or trading services and are completely independent and conflict-free.

Financial analysis involves a combination of fast and slow thinking. Fast – because events and markets move quickly. Slow – because large amounts of data need to be analysed and filtered for meaningful information.

Risky Finance uses data visualisation to bridge the gap between fast and slow thinking. We do the slow work of gathering and filtering data, so you can visualise things in the right way and gain insights quickly.

Our products

Risky Finance is built around a suite of visualisation tools based on rich financial datasets, all accessible via an annual or monthly subscription.

Sovereign debt

Markit iBoxx bond data for 90 countries, including over 4,000 different bonds totalling $35 trillion in face value. Updated monthly. [iBoxx logo]IMF economic data for 100 countries; Quantitative easing data for the Eurozone, UK and US.

Visualisations that display a top-down view of all bonds or sovereign sectors (such as Eurozone); a dashboard to select individual country charts such as yield curves and debt repayment profiles. Combine IMF and iBoxx data to scale by GDP, population etc.

Expert commentary: recent coverage includes Turkey, Italy, Brazil and Greece.


Exclusive Risky Finance database of Pillar 3 filings and balance sheet data for the largest G-SIB banks dating back to 2013. Stress test results for US and EU banks. Time series of bank operational risk losses since 2010.

Visualisations of bank risk-weighted assets and credit exposures, for individual banks, or comparisons of multiple banks for a single period or time history. Scalable by CET1 capital etc. Stress test results expressed as a capital requirement.

Expert commentary: coverage includes analysis of Dodd-Frank capital requirements, EU remuneration disclosures and Brexit impact on EU/UK banks.

Corporate bonds

Markit iBoxx bond data for 1,800 individual corporate issuers, with 14,000 individual bonds totalling $13 trillion of debt by dollar face value. Combined with equity market cap and earnings data for listed issuers.

Visualisations allow aggregated top down view of entire market, divided either by sector or issuer country. Data can be further filtered by rating category, seniority and debt currency. For individual companies, either yield curves or debt repayment profile can be displayed.

Expert commentary: Analysis includes frontier emerging markets, new investment grade issuance, M&A analysis.


Individual data for S&P 500, FTSE All-share and Eurostoxx constituent stocks. Dividends, earnings and sector breakdown.

Visualisations include top-down view of entire index broken down by sector, histogram of returns or dividend yield, cumulative cap-weighted returns for index or individual sectors, scatter plot regressions of return versus log market cap.

Expert commentary: Analysis of size impact on returns, Technology sector growth, Inequality of index by size.

UK Local government

Exclusive database of UK local authority loans including Lender Option Borrower Option (LOBO) loans for 50 councils. As featured on Channel 4 Dispatches.

Visualisations include top-down view of UK exposures broken down by council, bubble chart comparison of exposures vs interest rates, new PWLB borrowing, time evolution, LOBO repayment.

Expert commentary: The LOBO redemption wave, Understanding Barclays’ LOBO waiver, Should councils pay interest penalties on government loans?

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Take a preview of the site and learn how the visualisations work, or download a brochure here. Want to get started? Have a look at our subscription packages.

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