Q: I was a subscriber to the blog – how do I access the content on Risky Finance?

A: To access newer content and visualisations, you will need to subscribe. Some older content remains freely available.

Q: Do you offer free trials? Is ‘free updates’ the same as a free trial?

A: Visit our plan page for information on free trials. If you join the mailing list, you will receive email alerts about new content on the site, but if you click on them, you may be asked to subscribe in order to read the full article.

Q: How do I get the most out of your visualisations?

A: Visit our How to use the site page for more information.

Q: What system do I need to use the visualisations?

A: Any Javascript-enabled browser with a reasonably fast internet connection should provide satisfactory performance. Some of the larger datasets may take a couple of seconds to load. There may be compatibility issues with older versions of Internet Explorer.

Q: Is it possible to save your charts to my desktop and view them offline?

A: Once loaded into your browser, the charts and selection tools on a particular page should work offline as long as you don’t navigate away or refresh the page. Our banking and UK local government tools allow the download of chart data as a CSV file.

Q: I am registered on your site and just purchased a paid subscription. Why can I not access the content I paid for?

A: Our subscription system uses cookies in your browser, and if you were previously registered for free access, you will need to log out before using your paid subscription credentials. If this does not work, you may have to delete the old cookies in order to ensure access. Paid subscribers benefit from onboarding support during UK office hours – contact us if you require assistance.

Q: I am a paying subscriber and I would like to cancel my subscription. How do I go about it?

A: To cancel a monthly or yearly subscription, please send an email request in order to stop being billed. It is not sufficient to click ‘unsubscribe’ on the user profile page or an email footer to cancel a paying subscription. It is not possible to refund parts of an unused billing cycle. Cancellations will only take effect from the start of the next billing cycle after the cancellation request email was received.

For support, subscribers should contact